I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” C.G. Jung

Psychotherapy is a method of treatment that will help individuals better understand themselves and their interpersonal relationships. Aims of growth, maturity and personality change.

Some people look for support when they have some relationship difficulties or when their thoughts and emotions interfere negatively in their day-to-day lives, causing emotional distress and, in some cases, even physical illness. Some seek a greater degree of self-knowledge because they aspire better self-awareness.

Experience and Areas of Work

I  work with couples and individuals in a variety of settings in a charity and private practice.  I have worked within the NHS  with mental health issues.

My psychotherapy experience includes:
•Anxiety and depression
•Work/life balance & stress
•Loss of meaning and purpose in life
•Life crisis or transition
•Relationship difficulties
•Marriage and divorce
•Loss and bereavement
•Trauma & PTSD
•Suicidal & self-harm
•Domestic violence and childhood abuse
•Anger management
•Cultural identity